Kelly Family of North Shields

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The following photograph was taken in the backyard of 40 Nelson Street, North Shields, in 1891.

back row (left to right): William Cunningham (husband of Mary Jane Kelly); John Scarr ( husband of Margaret Kelly); Jim Kelly; Harry Kelly
Nellie English (née Kelly); Paul Kelly; Jim Short (husband of Lucy Kelly); Jim Daley (husband of Alice Kelly); Michael Brennan (husband of Sarah Kelly)

sitting: Mary Jane Cunningham; Margaret Scarr (both née Kelly); Ellen Kelly (née Eskdale); PATRICK KELLY; FRANCES KELLY (nee Davis); Lucy Short
Alice Daley; Sarah Brennan (all née Kelly)

at front: Ettie Cunningham (child with lace collar); Winifred Kelly; Nelly English (baby); Fanny Short; Cissie Brennan (baby on Sarah's knee)

(absent: Jack Kelly; Arthur English (both at sea); Tom Kelly (RIP); Frances Kelly (Sr Catherine - in convent); Teresa Kelly )

(photograph courtesy of Jerome Hanratty)

This later photograph was taken in the same place in 1902 on the occasion of Frances Kelly's funeral.

(photograph courtesy of Margaret Ramsden)

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