South Shields - October 1941


The following pictures give an idea of the devastation caused by the air raid of Thursday October 2nd, 1941.

Crofton's after bombing raid

Looking down King Street from Market Square; all that is left of Crofton's is one corner, still bearing the store's name

Grapes Hotel after bombing raid

Another view of Crofton's, with the Grapes Hotel and two wrecked buses in the foreground.

Woolworths after bombing raid

Looking towards Market Square from King Street; Woolworths fared little better.
Only part of the famous sign "Nothing over 6d" is visible in the top right-hand corner. The rest of the store has completely vanished.

Market Square shelter after bombing raid

A crater marks the site of the Market Square air-raid shelter.

St Bede's school after bombing raid

St Bede's school - another building to take a direct hit.