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The definitive work on the history of women's football in France is "Histoire du football féminin au XXe siècle" by Laurence Prudhomme-Poncet 1. The following summary of the main events is largely based on this work, together with a considerable amount of detailed information kindly supplied by Hervé Morard and Helge Faller. I have also drawn upon French and UK press reports. If anyone is able to add to this account I would be grateful if they would contact me.

The beginnings

The first women's football teams in France had very different origins to their counterparts in Britain. Whereas the latter were predominantly factory-based, and the players exclusively working-class, the earliest teams in France were formed within pre-existing sports clubs based in Paris, and several of the players were accomplished athletes. The first of these was organised by the club Fémina Sport 2. This was founded in July 1912 by Pierre Payssé, the Olympic All-Round Gymnastics champion at the 1906 Games in Athens. Initially a gymnastics club, Fémina diversified into a number of different sports, including, in 1917, association football. The first matches were confined to members of the club, as there were at the time no other women's teams to play against. These were followed by matches against schoolboy teams, a total of 16 such games being played during the following 5 months 1. Fémina won only one of these, drawing another two.

Male-dominated sports associations were unwilling to allow women's organisations to federate, and in consequence they founded their own multi-sport governing body, La Fédération des Sociétés Féminines et Sportives de France" (FSFSF) in January 1918.

One of the mixed games, against Lycée Carnot on 17th February 1918, was attended by representatives from a number of women's clubs and societies who were interested in forming teams of their own. The first such club to follow the example of Fémina was En Avant, also based in Paris.

In general, these encounters were sparsely-attended, receiving almost no coverage in the French press. Only one magazine, L'Auto, gave limited accounts. The first exhibition of women's football before a crowd of any size was a 30-minute match played as a warm-up to a France-Belgium international on 21st April 1918.

Towards the end of 1918 a beneficiary of Fémina, Monsieur Bessonneau, offered to supply gymnastic costumes to all club members. M. Payssé, however, suggested that he would prefer a sports ground for a similar level of expenditure. When a suitable site was found, it was named Stade Elisabeth in honour of the wife of M. Bessonneau 3.

The formation of new clubs was initially a slow process, and as a result the first ever French women's championship, organised in 1919 by the FSFSF, involved only two clubs - Fémina Sport and En Avant 4. The title was played for over two legs: Fémina won the first 2-0, and the second was a 0-0 draw.


The activities of Fémina and En Avant encouraged the formation of more women's football teams, both in Paris and provincial regions. One of these, Academia, played against Fémina in February 1920 and featured on the front page of Le Miroir. (picture below)

Fémina and Academia in 1920

1920 - Fémina v Academia

In March 1920 Fémina and En Avant once again contested the championship of France; four games between the two sides had them level on points, and in a deciding match En Avant won by a single goal.

The following month it was announced in L'Auto that a representative French XI would tour the UK from 29th April to 6th May, playing matches in Preston, Burnley, Blackburn and London. The squad comprised 9 players from Fémina, 7 from En Avant, and one from Les Sportives, as follows: Goalkeepers: Ourry (Fémina) and G. Laloz (En Avant); backs: Rigal (En Avant), Pomiès (Fémina), Rimbaux (Fémina); half-backs: Janiaud (Fémina), Viani (En Avant), J. Trotmann (En Avant), Defigier (Fémina), Lévêque (Sportives); forwards: Th. Brulé (Fémina), Delpierre (Fémina), Bracquemond (En Avant - captain), A. Trotmann (En Avant), Th. Laloz (En Avant), Chatelut (Fémina), J. Brulé (Fémina). The article in L'Auto was very precise: it stated that the team would play in blue jerseys, black shorts, beret and stockings, with a tricolour badge, and the members should assemble beneath the external clock of the Gare du Nord at 08:45 on 21st March!

In the event, the four games against the Dick Kerr team were played at Preston, Stockport, Manchester and Chelsea. The first of these matches, which was watched by 25,000 spectators at Deepdale, and which raised £1295 for the Preston branch of the National Association of Discharged Soldiers, is generally credited with being the first women's football international. Dick Kerr won two of the matches, the third being drawn, and the French won the final encounter at Stamford Bridge. When the French team returned to Paris on 8th May, led by their captain, Mlle Bracquemond, they received an enthusiastic floral reception from crowds of well wishers at the Gare du Nord. Commenting upon the tour, the Lancashire Daily Post, reported that Paris now possesed a total of nine ladies' football teams.

The French XI tour of England was reciprocated in the autumn when the Dick Kerr ladies visited France. Four matches were played in total. As in England, the games attracted large crowds; the first match, at the Pershing Stadium in Paris, drew 22,000 spectators, and crowds of 10,000, 6,000 and 14,000 respectively saw the subsequent encounters at Roubaix, Le Havre and Rouen.

poster advertising France - England match, 1920

Poster advertising the France - England game at Roubaix
(image courtesy of Hervé Morard)

Dick Kerr v France

Action from the Dick Kerr versus France match at Roubaix
(image courtesy of Helge Faller)


In 1921 the championship of France was opened to provincial teams for the first time. The title was retained for a second year by En Avant, who defeated Sportives de Reims 3-0 in the final on 17th April. Sportives de Reims were a new and inexperienced side, having been formed only in January of that year.

En Avant - champions 1921

(image courtesy of Helge Faller)

The French lady footballers returned to England in May 1921. Once again the side was predominantly composed of players from Fémina. On this occasion they played against teams other than Dick Kerr; Huddersfield Atalanta, Stoke and Plymouth Ladies provided fresh opposition. Although defeated 5-1 by Dick Kerr, the French team were more than a match for their other opponents, winning all three games.

France v Plymouth

(image courtesy of Helge Faller)

Later that year, in October, an English team once again visited France. According to L'Auto they played two goalless draws against a French XI - at the Pershing Stadium in Paris on 30th October, and the Stade de la Cavée Verte at Le Havre on 31st October. Some sources reported that Plymouth Ladies made up the majority of the English team, whereas L'Auto claimed the English team was composed entirely of players from Plymouth.


1922 saw Sportives de Reims once again make it to the final of the Championship of France, only to lose by the same margin as in the previous year. This time they were vanquished by Les Sportives. Les Sportives were also the victors in a second cup final - the "Coupe de la Française," which was played at the Stade Elisabeth on 2nd April 1922. Their opponents - Ruche Sportives, were convincingly beaten by five goals to nil. The event merited only a grainy photograph and a single line of commentary in the 6th April issue of Le Miroir des Sports, which nevertheless devoted four full pages to the Oxford-Cambridge Boat Race and the opening of the cricket season in England!

Coupe de la Française 1922

La Ruche Sportive v Les Sportives - 1922

A few more domestic matches were referred to fleetingly in Le Miroir des Sports, but frequently neither the date nor the score were given. They are listed in the table below.

On the international scene, 1922 was special in that two separate French sides toured the United Kingdom. The first tour, in March, was by the ladies of Olympique de Paris. This famous sports club boasted a number of top athletes, including the Laloz sisters, Geneviève, Marguerite and Thérèse, and the captain, Violette Gouraud-Morris 5, the French record-holder for ladies' javelin. During the tour they played four times against Dick, Kerr at Cardiff, Preston, Liverpool and Hyde, and once against Hey's Brewery ladies at Bradford, losing all five matches.

The second tour, which took place in April, was by a team representing the FSFSF, and comprised players from a number of clubs:-

Départ de l'équipe de France pour l'Angleterre le 3 avril.

Goal: Lévêque (Sportives)
Arrières: Janiaud (Fémina), Guille (Sportives)
Demis : Rillac (Sportives), Pomiès (Fémina), Gisclard (Sportives)
Avants: Contesse (AS Amicale), Bracquemond (Sportives, cap), Baldracchi (Fémina), Puisais (Sportives), Goinard (Fémina).
Remplaçantes : Chapoteau (Fémina), Darreau G (Fémina), Darreau A (Fémina).

Source - La Femme Sportive (bulletin of the FSFSF)

Three matches were played on this tour, at Plymouth, Exeter and Falmouth. The opposition was a "British XI" which was drawn mainly from Plymouth Ladies, but also included players from Fleetwood, St Helens and Swansea. Speaking after her return, the captain, Bracquemond, was less than complimentary about the English players and the match officials: "....Quant aux matches eux-mêmes, c'est une autre histoire et le souvenir qui m'en reste n'est pas des plus heureux. La brutalité des joueuses anglaises fut, pour les Françaises, une grande surprise. Cependant, elles firent de leur mieux pour défendre les couleurs qu'elles portent. Je ne m'avancerais pas trop en disant que nous aurions dû gagner deux matches sur trois. Les arbitres, eux-mêmes, s'étaient mis contre nous et n'arrêtaient pas de siffler des fautes inexistantes et, d'autre part, donnant, pendant le jeu, des conseils aux Anglaises alors que leur devoir leur imposait une impartialité la plus absolu." *

"...As to the matches themselves, that's another tale, and the my memory of them is not one of the happiest. The roughness of the English players was a great surprise to the the French. However, they did their best to defend the colours they were wearing. I would not be going too far in saying that we should have won two of the three matches. The referees, for their part, were against us and never ceased to blow for non-existent fouls, and moreover, during the game, they gave advice to the English when their duty required them to be completely impartial."


Somewhat appropriately, it was a case of "déjà vu" in 1923 when Sportives de Reims were finalists once more in the Championship of France. This time their opponents were Fémina, who took the title with a convincing 4-0 win. This was the start of a remarkable run of 10 straight championships for the Parisian side, who held the title until 1933.

Fémina Sport in 1923

1923 - Fémina Sport Club, Paris
(photograph courtesy of Peter and Jane Bridgett)

Women's football in France was still not attracting much attention from the press, and I have been able to uncover details of only four more domestic matches during this period, including a game between Fémina and Cadettes de Gascogne. This was featured on the cover of Le Petit Journal Illustré, but regrettably no further details of the game were given in the body of the magazine.

Fémina v Cadettes de Gascogne in 1923

1923 - Fémina v Cadettes de Gascogne
(image courtesy of Alain Noel)

Dick, Kerr were reported to have visited France once again, winning 1-0 against a French XI in Paris on 29th April, but no further matches of this tour have been uncovered. An interesting encounter however took place in Barcelona between Les Sportives and Stoke Ladies. These teams had been invited to play two games over a weekend for a silver cup presented by the "Cooperativa de Casas Baratas" (an organisation for the construction of cheap housing backed by the Journalists' Union). The first match took place on Sunday 8th September, when, according to El Mondo Deportivo, the following teams lined up at the stadium in Industria Urgell-Villarroel which had been vacated the previous year by Barcelona FC.

Stoke Ladies: E. Spooner, Ida Bridgett, Tilly Wagg, Daisy Bates, Theresa Cooper, Lizzie Carroll, Ada Derricot, Dolly Cooper, L. Bedford, Elsie Stanier, Eva Bridgett
Les Sportives: J. Smachteur, S, Guille, S. Lacombe. T. Renaut, H. Rillac, G. Viotti, M. Bracquemond (cap), B. Geuty. P. Puisais, G. Sprier, E.Journé

Prior to the commencement of play the referee had to deal with a protest from Les Sportives against the inclusion of Bedford in the Stoke line-up, on the grounds that she was resident in Paris and licensed by the FSFSF. They were concerned that she might be the "star among the twenty-two players." The dispute was resolved when it was agreed that Bedford could play in the first match only, the result of which would not count towards the awarding of the trophy.

The fears of Les Sportives were well-founded; Stoke took the match, thanks to a hat-trick from centre-forward Bedford. The following day the teams met again at the same venue. Bedford did not appear in the line-up, but Stoke once again emerged as winners, albeit this time by a single goal to nil.

Who was "L. Bedford," whose presence on the field caused such a fuss? L'Auto revealed that "the Stoke team was strengthened by Redford of Fémina." "Bedford" was actually the famous Florrie Redford of Dick, Kerr Ladies, who had moved to Paris to play for the leading French side.

Stoke v Les Sportives 1923

1923 - Les Sportives v Stoke at Barcelona


Fémina, who had retained the title of French Champions in 1924 with a victory over Clodo, toured the UK in 1925. Details of six matches have been uncovered 6; in each case the opposing team was Dick, Kerr, and the matches were billed as "England v France." The opening game, at Herne Hill Velodrome on 11th May was watched by 3,000 spectators. Dick, Kerr won by 4 goals to 2, and the game was filmed by British Gaumont News. A preview clip of the film can be seen on the ITN Source website. (Note: This commercial website frequently changes the urls of pages; if the preceding link does not produce the desired result, go to the ITN Source homepage and use the search facility.)

Dick Kerr v Fémina Sport in 1925

1925 - Dick Kerr v Fémina at Herne Hill

This is where my researches have halted for the moment 7. If you have found the material of interest, please revisit the site occasionally to check for updates

© Patrick Brennan 2009


1. "Histoire du football féminin au XXe siècle" by Laurence Prudhomme-Poncet, published by L'Harmattan 2003, ISBN 2747547302 - the development of women's football in France (in French)

2. Fémina Sport still exists today; its website is at

3. Stade Elisabeth remains the headquarters of Fémina Sport. It is located at 7, Avenue Paul Appell, Paris.

4. Ironically En Avant was the gymnastics club to which Pierre Payssé belonged, before a disagreement with the management led him to leave and found Fémina Sport.

5. Violette Gouraud-Morris was a larger than life character, who participated in a whole range of sports including archery, weightlifting and boxing as well as football and athletics. She was also an accomplished motor racer, winning a number of races in the 1920's. During WW2 she collaborated with the German forces occupying Paris, and her activities in this area led to her assassination by the Maquis on 26th April 1944.

6. In addition to the matches listed in the table below Fémina reportedly played a further three matches on this tour - at Dumfries, Belfast and Chorley.

7. Although women's football had all but disappeared in both France and England after the 1920's, matches billed as England v France continued to be staged on an annual basis. The Dick, Kerr team, now known officially as Preston Ladies, provided the English XI; the makeup of the French team is less certain. Details of some of these games are given on the Dick, Kerr page of this website.

Summary of matches reported in the press

Matches in France

1917-09-30Fémina A 2
Fémina B 0
team A: Th. Brulé, A. Pons, M. Pons, Cadiès, J. Brulé, Cormelier, Dulaurens, Joly, Trichard, Bruneau, Raimbaud.
team B: S. Liébrard, J. Liébrard, Fildier, Fontaneuve, Fisher, Delapierre, Fléchelles, Baudrand, Michaud, Sturwage, Léon.
1917-10-07Fémina A 0
Fémina B 2
Played at Stade Brancion, 199 rue de Paris, Vanves.
team A: Janiaud, Castien, Gaven, A. Pons, Delaurens, Joly, Cadiès, M. Pons, Th Brulé, Baudrand, Bruneau
team B: Raimbaud, M. Cormenier, Lalanne, Livraghi, Gourraud, Sturwwage, Gorget, Fléchelle, Delapierre, A. Trichard, Mandanne
1917-10-14Fémina A v
Fémina B
Played at Stade Brancion. The result was not reported, however according to L'Auto this was the third association football match played by Fémina
1917-10-21Fémina A 1
Fémina B 0
Played at Stade Brancion
1917-10-28Fémina 1
Lycée Buffon 6
Played at Stade Brancion against a team of schoolboys.
Fémina: Delapierre, Joly, S. Liébrard, J. Liébrard, Th. Brulé, J. Brulé, Bruneau, A. Pons, Janniaud, Gombeau, Raimbaux, Ourry
1917-11-04Fémina 1
Lycée Charlemagne 2
Played at Stade Brancion against a team of schoolboys.
1917-11-11Fémina 1
Lycée Buffon 3
Played at Stade Brancion against a team of schoolboys.
1917-11-18Fémina 6
unnamed team 5
Played at Stade Brancion against a team of schoolboys.
1917-11-25Fémina 2
Lycée Charlemagne 3
Played at Stade Brancion against a team of schoolboys.
1917-12-02Fémina 1
Ecole Bréguet 1
Played at Stade Brancion against a team of schoolboys.
1917-12-16Fémina 2
Lycée Henri IV 7
Played at Stade Brancion against a team of schoolboys.
1918-01-01Fémina v
Ecole Turgot
Match scheduled at Stade Brancion, but only 2 players turned up for the opposition.
1918-01-20Fémina 3
Jean Baptiste Say 4
Played at the FGSPF ground at rue Benoît Malon, Gentilly against a team of schoolboys.
1918-02-03Fémina A 1
Fémina B 2
Played at Gentilly; team A was captained by S. Liébrard, team B by Th Brulé
1918-02-10Fémina A 5
Fémina B 1
Played at Gentilly; team A was captained by S. Liébrard, team B by Th Brulé
1918-02-17Fémina 5
Lycée Carnot 1
Played at Gentilly
1918-04-21Fémina (team Th. Brulé) 1
Fémina (team Liébrard) 2
Played at St Ouen: A 30 minute exhibition match played before a France-Belgium international.
1919-03-23Fémina Sport 2
En Avant 0
1st leg of the women's championship - played at the FGSPF ground at Gentilly - (termed the Championship of France in L'Auto)
1919-04-13Fémina Sport 0
En Avant 0
Played at the Red Star ground -second leg of the women's championship
1920-01-25Fémina Sport 5
Academia 0
1920-03-21Fémina Sport 0
En Avant 1
Deciding match for the championship of France (now the official title)
1921-04-17En Avant 3
Sportives de Reims 0
Final of the Championship of France
1922-01-22En Avant 1
Fémina Sport 1
En Avant left the pitch in protest at the sending-off of a team member for striking an opponent in the face. The referee responded by awarding the match to Fémina
1922-03-12Sportives de Reims 0
Les Sportives 2
Final of the Championship of France
1922-04-02Sportives 5
Ruche Sportive 0
Final of "la Coupe de la Francaise" played at Stade Elisabeth
1922-11-26Sportives 2
Academia 0
Played at Stade Bergeyre
1922-11-26Olympique 1
Fémina 0
Played at Stade Bergeyre
1923-04-15Sportives de Reims 0
Fémina 4
Final of the Championship of France
1923-12-09Olympique 2
Cadettes de Gascogne 1
Played at Pantin
1923-12-09Nova Fémina 5
En Avant 0
1923-12-09Fémina 4
La Ruche 0

International Matches

1920-04-30Dick, Kerr 2
French XI 0
Played at Deepdale before 25,000 spectators, raising £1295 for the Preston branch of the National Association of Discharged Soldiers.
scorers: Florrie Redford, Jennie Harris
1920-05-01Dick, Kerr 5
French XI 2
Played at Stockport before 15,000 spectators
scorers: Redford (2), Walmsley, Wood for Dick Kerr; Laloz and Bracquemond for France
1920-05-05Dick, Kerr 1
French XI 1
Played at Hyde Road (Manchester City) before 3,000 spectators.
1920-05-06Dick, Kerr 1
French XI 2
Played at Stamford Bridge
1920-10-31French XI 1
Dick, Kerr 1
Played at Pershing Stadium, Paris before 22,000 spectators.
The referee stopped the game four minutes before time when the crowd encroached on the pitch following the awarding of a corner to Dick Kerr.
1920-11-01French XI 0
Dick, Kerr 2
Played at Roubaix before 10,000 spectators
1920-11-06French XI 0
Dick, Kerr 6
Played at Stade de la Cavée Verte, Le Havre before 6,000 spectators
France: Ourry, Guillé, Rimbaux, Rigal, Pomiès, Viani, Delapierre, Th. Brulé, Madeleine Bracquemond (cap), Jeanniot, Th. Laloz
Dick Kerr: Hastie, Kell (cap), Parr, Woods, Walmsley, Hulme, Haslam, Lyons, Redford, Harris, Clayton
1920-11-07France 0
Dick, Kerr 2
Played at the Lilas stadium, Rouen before 14,000 spectators
1921-05-17Dick, Kerr 5
Fémina 1
Played at Longton Park, Stoke
scorers: Parr (5), Baldrocchi
Dick Kerr: A. Hastie, A. Kell, D. Clayton, D. Butterfield, A. Woods, L. Lee, F. Haslam, J. Harris, F. Redford, L. Parton, L. Parr
France: Lévêque, Gisclard, Guille, Viant, le Pend, Rigal, Jeanniot, Thomas, Laloz, Madeleine Bracquemond (capt.), Baldrocchi
1921-05-18Huddersfield Atalanta 0
Fémina 1
played at Fartown, Huddersfield, before 8,832 spectators, raising £424 8s 6d (gross) for the Mayor's Distress Fund.
scorer: Laloz (according to l'Auto), Bracquemond (according to Huddersfield Examiner)
Atalanta: N. Wilkinson, Hilda Clarke, L. Barraclough, A. Senior, M. Kenworthy, A. Stanley, E. Steele, K. Edgely, Rhoda Wilkinson, A. Copley, A. Beaumont
Femina: Lévêque, Janiaud, Gillot, Rigal, Pomiès, Gisclard, Massabuau, Madeleine Bracquemond (capt.), Laloz, Viani, Jeanniot.
1921-05-19Stoke 1
Fémina 3
Played at the Victoria Ground, Stoke, in aid of the local Distress Fund
scorers: Bracquemond, Laloz, Viani
Stoke: Brindley, Bellfield, ?, Davis, Cooper, Durbar, Regan, Bates, Wagg, Stanier, Bridgett
France: Lévêque, Janiaud, Guille, Rigal, Pomiès, Gisclard, Massabuau, Madeleine Bracquemond (capt.), Laloz, Viani, Jeanniot.
1921-05-21Plymouth Ladies 0
Fémina 1
Played at Plymouth
scorer: Madeleine Bracquemond
France: Lévêque, Janiaud, Guille, Rigal, Pomiès, Gisclard, Massabuau, Madeleine Bracquemond, Laloz, Viani, Jeanniot.
1921-10-30French XI 0
English XI 0
Played at Pershing Stadium, Paris, before 5,000 spectators.
France: Lévêque, Guille, Gillot, Rigal, Chapeteau, Mille, Thérèse Brulé, Madeleine Bracquemond (cap), Baldracchi, Jeanniot, Bigot. substitutes: Ourry, Gisclard, Guellier
England: Ford, Greenwood, Duncan, Davies, Griffith-Jones, Opie, Boultwood (cap), Giles, Scott, Fairclough, Julian-Smith. Substitutes: Wilcox, Darlington.
1921-10-31French XI 0
English XI 0
Played at the Stade de la Cavée Verte, Le Havre.
France: Lévêque, Guille, Gillot, Rigal, Chapeteau, Mille, Thérèse Brulé, Madeleine Bracquemond (cap), Baldracchi, Guellier, Jeanniot. substitutes: Ourry, Gisclard, Bigot
England: H. Ford, L. Greenwood, L. Duncan, A. Davies, N. Griffiths-Jones, A. Opie, J. Boultwood (cap), D. Giles, M. Scott, M. Fairclough, H. Julian-Smith. substitutes: Wilcox, Darlington
1922-03-22Dick Kerr 3
Olympique de Paris 0
Played at Cardiff before 15,000 spectators, raising £655 for charity
scorers: Jeannie Harris (2), Florrie Redford (pen)
1922-03-25Dick, Kerr 4
Olympique de Paris 0
Played at Ashton Park, Preston before 3,000 spectators, raising £111 for charity
scorers: Lily Parr (3), Jeannie Harris
Dick Kerr: Mason, Kell, Lee, Walmsley, Woods, Clayton, Haslam, Harris, Redford, Mills, Parr
Olympique: Mlle Geneviève Laloz, Mme Violette Gouraud-Morris (capt.), Mlles Duman, Madeleine Barat, A. Guery, Renaud, Blanche Kubuck, Thérèse Laloz, S. Guery, M. Laloz, O. Bigot
1922-03-27 Dick Kerr 4
Olympique de Paris 0
Played at the Stanley Athletic grounds, Liverpool before 2,000 spectators in aid of the Rheims Cathedral Rebuilding Fund and the Liverpool Child Welfare Association's Milk Supply Fund
scorers: Redford (3), Mills
1922-03-28Hey's 2
Olympique de Paris 0
Played at the Greenfield Athletic Ground, Bradford before 3,000 spectators in aid of the Rheims Cathedral Restoration Fund and the Bradford Hospital Fund
scorers: Emmerson, Whelan (pen)
1922-03-30Dick Kerr 5
Olympique de Paris 1
Played at Hyde
1922-04-05British XI 2
Played at Plymouth. The British XI comprised 8 players from Plymouth, augmented by players from Fleetwood, St Helens and Swansea
1922-04-06British XI 0
Played at the County Grounds, Exeter, before 3,000 spectators.
Pomiès of Dick Kerr FC played for the French team. Other French players mentioned: Madeleine Bracquemond, Goinard, Gisclard
1922-04-08Cornish XI 0
Played at the Recreation Ground, Falmouth, before 1,500 spectators
1923-04-29Dick Kerr 1
French XI 0
Played in Paris
1923-09-08Stoke Ladies 3
Les Sportives 0
Played in Barcelona
1923-09-09Stoke Ladies 1
Les Sportives 0
Played in Barcelona
1925-05-11Dick Kerr 4
Fémina 2
Played at Herne Hill, London, and billed as "England v France"
1925-05-12Dick Kerr 3
Fémina 2
Played at Padiham, near Burnley
1925-05-14Dick Kerr 4
Fémina 1
Played at Mellor
1925-05-16Dick Kerr 2
Fémina 2
Played at Manchester, in aid of the Shipwrecked Mariners' Association
1925-05-18Dick Kerr 1
Fémina 2
Played at Hyde
1925-05-20Dick Kerr 2
Fémina 1
Played at Rugby Park, Kilmarnock, in aid of the Shipwrecked Mariners' Association

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