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Although my research into the history of women's football has proven, in the main, to be both fascinating and rewarding, there have also been some frustrating moments. Top of the list without doubt has been the occasional unearthing of a team photograph which has no information attached to allow the team in question to be identified. Rather than let these images lie hidden in my files I have created this page to display them. If you think you may recognise a team, or even an individual player, I would be very grateful if you would get in touch.

mystery team 001

001: - This image was sent to me by Tom Langton who believes the team were from the Bury area. The clothing is typical of the WW1 munition teams.

mystery team 002

002: - A WW1 munition team
I believe this is Smith's Dock, on the occasion of their Munitionettes' Cup replay versus Dorman Long No 2 at Middlesbrough on 5th January 1918.

mystery team 003

003: - This WW1 munition team photograph is thought to show the ladies of Seaham Harbour wearing the logo of the local men's team - Seaham White Star.

mystery team 004

004: - This photograph was labelled "Armstrong Whitworth Munitionettes" - but which factory? None of the faces appear in any other Armstrong Whitworth image.

mystery team 005

005: - An unidentified team from Stoke - probably early 1920's.

Patrick Brennan
Rowlands Gill - July 2015

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