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Welcome to Donmouth. Here you will find articles on the local history of North-East England, with a particular focus upon Jarrow, my birthplace. There is a section too on the early history of women's football in the U.K., a subject I have studied extensively in recent years. I am also a keen genealogist, and have researched several branches of my family, in the course of which I have had cyber-meetings with distant relatives in many parts of the world.

Why Donmouth? This was one of the names by which the hamlet of Jarrow was known in Saxon times. The focal point of the settlement was the Benedictine Monastery of St Pauls, founded in 681AD by St Benet Biscop. It was a seat of learning to rival any in the Western Church, and was home to one of the greatest English scholars - the Venerable Bede.

Patrick Brennan

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